Conversations In Self

The Voice In My Mind Sounds A Bit Different From The Voice I See In The Mirror. I Owe This To The Shadows Of Time That Never Fail To Remind Me Of My Solitude. It Is Time They Found A Common Interest.I Constantly Lose Sight Of Myself, Arguing With My Ways And Peevish Days.Realizations Have... Continue Reading →


At This Point, He's Out Of Ideas. He Knows His Life Is Over If He Dare Tries Seeking For Help. They Only Way Out Of This One Is Letting It Fade Into Thin Air, A Thought That Hollowed His Gut. The Truth Always Finds Its Way Out, A Saying Gogo Mentioned Time And Again, Sometimes... Continue Reading →


Happy 420 Fellow Stoners. This Is An Exchange Most Aren't Ready For But This Is What My Blog's About Ain't It? I'd Like To Think So Anyway. Today Marks A Commemoration For The Potheads And Their Culture And We've Met In This Particular Location For A Little Insight And Fiddling With On The Matter. What... Continue Reading →

Building Rapport

Like In Every New Relationship, We're So Not To Rush Things. From Our Individual Experiences We Can Testify To The Fact That There's Never Been Good That Came Out Of Rushing Any Kind Of Relationship. New Is Strange And Strange Needs Time To, To Not Be. This Brings Us To Our Segue; Building Rapport. Here... Continue Reading →


To My 5 Subscribers; I'm Back. Sorry I Took So Long To Find Myself And The Content That'll Better Suit Your Eyes. Some Of These Decisions We Make Tend To Not Be Well Thought Out And Thus A Blog Site With 3 Posts, Or Is It 4, In 2 Years. Imagine!! You Don't Need To,... Continue Reading →

Thoughts Of A Modern Stoic

I Cannot Control My Future I Can Only Control The Outcome Of My Now In How I Act Now My Thoughts Influence My Future I Can Only Tame My Thoughts In A Healthy Dose Of A Better Tomorrow My Downfall Is Only As Big As I Think My Position Is Ranked Only In Comparison My... Continue Reading →

Follow Me On Twitter. Lol.

My First 'Blog' Blog Post, I Guess You Can Tell. Before We Move On To The Juicy Brief Contents Of The Blog, Allow Me To Point Something Out. I Wanna Be A Rapper! With That Out Of The Way, Let's Get It! For A Start We Should At least Ponder On Why Exactly You Should... Continue Reading →

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Becoming The Muse

words on paper

Resolute Scribbles

“We are all like poems. some of us rhyme. some don’t. some are Pulitzer prizes some are just scribbles and yet, we all possess a special kind of beauty that can either heal or cut to the bone one that can never quite be fathomed, nor forgotten.” ― Sanober Khan

Vague Voicings

Vaguely Expressing And Airing Out Our Voices


“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” — Maya Angelou

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